Thursday, June 24, 2010

'Log o Life' baby book copyright 1933

This was a gift from my grandma after the birth of my daughter-  almost 18 yrs ago,   thought I would share some of the wonderful pages of it-  it goes all the way up to her 'old age photo'  -  I just hated to write in it, but at the time i thought- 'what are you saving it for'?  Enjoy it!  so, the same goes for you!  CLICK IT!  save it!   ENJOY IT!    let me know if you like these...I'd appreciate any comments!

Now check out some of the wonderful names and their meanings -  from the 30's

That's all for now, hope you enjoy these as much as I have- 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Modern Room in Pastel freebie

Here's some fun modern furniture in PNG to play with-  I wish i could offer the room-  but the person who made it is no longer around-  I can't seem to find them -  They left Deviant art- but their screen name is 'himation'  if anyone happens to know who this person is,  I would love to thank them and give them credit for the room itself-  As far as the decor goes-  that's what i'm providing-  No commercial use please-  and i would really love to see anything created with these elements-   And if added to another freebie kit-  Please share the link so i can download too!  

Anyway...onto the download link-  Here ya GO!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An exotic room freebie

Hope you enjoy this design i put together-  all exotic-   the room is included-  but the lamps included do not have the light coming out of them-  I only did that for display!  Let me know if you like this-  I have more to come-  Also,  another big THANK YOU to Adele 'bluesse' on deviant art  for  a couple of the elements included in this kit!

Download   here!    Please leave me a comment !  They make my entire day!