Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gothic Witch decor freebie!

One good turn deserves another-  when creating this room I had a person in mind -  named Bri of Gothic witch creations-Drop by her blog and check out all her goodies-  (they're much better than anything i have to offer)  I really admire her!   So...  in her honor i created a 'Gothic' witch room-  all the elements are included- the panels and the curtains-  but the room is NOT included-  it can be found on efies blogspot-  i love her freebies!
Download here

Jins Den Blinkies Gift

These on the right above my profile were  made for me by a wonderful lady named 'Hypo' -  and that's about all the info i have on her- except she has a very giving heart- and these were made for me with a friend named Brianna's kit  -she has a wonderful  digital scrapbooking blog -  and  she is someone who i admire very much!   The kit is named 'jins den' even!
  If you 'd like to purchase or even check out some of her freebies (she has some great ones) you must check her site -  Gothic Witch Creations   Their  generosity and kindness came at a time when i needed it most!  I was in a very low point in my life-  But how this cheered me! Please drop by her blog-  and leave her a note-  and if you are interested in this kit-  it's well worth the cost-  (not just because it's named after me-  either- lol) it has  lotsa neat elements!  
  Grab my new blinkie if you like! 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wonderful Digital 'Manipulative Witch' (as she puts it!) Beth Spencer

I just had to show off this girls works-  She's a phenomenal artist (and not just because of the stocks of mine that she used either)   But she should do illustrations for childrens books or SOMETHING!  she has such a unique style to her art-  you must check her gallery on deviant art-  But here are a couple of pieces created with my stock- 


just amazing!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rose frame and 4 png roses freebie!

Lovely png frame w/ 4 png roses!     Enjoy!   Love to hear from you!

Download here  !

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Romantic Cards freebie

Hi!   Just some vintage sweetheart greetings to share today-   enjoy!   Download here!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Free tubes!

Who likes poser tubes?   How about checking out my friend Cherie's web site- she has tons of freebies-   just go to Phantera's Phantasyart . com     Here are a few samplers of what she has- 

if you like fairies-  

Goth chicks~

and all the accessories-


AND TONS MORE-  house accessories, pets, animals, clothes--  It's worth the trip to check it out atleast-  Here's the link again-  in case you missed it earlier-  Phanteras Phantasy Art  If you happen to leave her a note- tell her i sent you-  and be sure to say thank you to her for her wonderful work she does- !