Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Wine label freebie

All i have ever asked is for someone who may like to use these in one of their kits is to let me know!  And these are not labels i found on the web somewhere-  someone brought them to me and i scanned them.  So it bothers me when i find them being offered by someone else out there with no credits or enough respect to let me KNOW!  Imagine my dismay to find them here. far far hill's blogger- with not a mention as to where she found them.    I've always loved her blog with all her goodies, but I just don't feel like i was treated very fairly....  I really am an easy going person-  and i don't think it's asking too much to send a note to let me you?   Anyway....Hope everyone has a Merrier Christmas than I am having...I'll probably be sitting here with no electric....


Here's something a little different for ya-  how about some vintage wine labels for your creations?  I don't believe i've ever seen something like this offered before-  Be nice and leave a little love if this is something you like-

click here