Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vintage Hotel Tulsa Stationary-

I ran across this wonderful vintage stationary from an old hotel here in Tulsa, I don't exactly know the year the Hotel was open- but it says up on the top of it 

                               "oklahoma's largest hotel"
                          "rates $ 2.00 per day and upward"

 I thought some of my other fellow vintage lovers might like this, feel free to click and save!   (i just wish i knew the actual year this hotel was here....) 

UPDATE:  just an update to my little wish of knowing the year that this hotel was open .  I wrote the Tulsa Historical Society- and to my surprise they answered me!   Told me that this Hotel was opened in 1912 and closed in 1960-  and was tore down in 1973.  So since this stationary states that it was a NEW hotel, i'm assuming it was from it's grand opening-  so this stationary is almost 100 yrs old.   WOWEE!

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Wirda said...

Greetings... oh what a lovely blog and I absolutely love your scrapbook layouts...Sweet!