Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beads, Chocolates and Coco Chanel

HI!  Just  me again....The coolest thing happened and i thought I'd share my experience with everyone-  I met a girl on deviant art awhile back-  she just happened to be from oklahoma too, and she makes jewelry just like me, and also provides stock .psds on Deviant Art- just like me also-  well, i asked her about adding some of her wonderful elements to some of my kits- and she agreed!  So drop by her site sometime on Deviant Art if you're ever looking for .psd elements for your works-  she has TONS!   Here's the link to her page on there- Ravenarcana .   Tell her Jen sent ya-   I have no words to describe her but one thing i will definetly say about her is she's a Woman of her word-  we spoke about how many beads we collect- (almost obsessive compulsively)   and agreed to do a bead exchange-  I had been still gathering beads for her- when i received this HUGE box in the mail-  I was NOT even EXPECTING such a generous bountiful giving of beads-  that's for sure-  but isn't that awesome?  Never met her in real life- and our friendship has been brief- but if you only knew how much that effort did for my inner spirit- 

Now for the very next day....i had another wonderful experience -  i was still reeling from the bead box-  When that evening the doorbell rang,  it was UPS-  with ANOTHER package from a girl  named DeAnna of whom i met on myspace a couple of years ago,   She and I are kindred sisters-  and have been a major support system for each other through out the years-   And have exchanged a few things via the mail-  but this was so out of the blue-  she sent me some chocolates from See's Famous Old Time Candies~  -I highly recommend them!  yeeuuummmmy!

Well,   then,   the VERY NEXT day-  I received a HUGE box from the same girl- Deanna with all kinds of goodies-  She sent me a brand new bottle of coco chanel-  (of which i will be giving my mother for cmas)  a cute little crate that has a tshirt in it-and a Heart CD attached-  (of which my daughter will be receiving)  shhhh....don't tell them!  But i actually was NOT looking forward to Cmas this year-  times here are bleak- and i will feel lucky if we even have electric and heat on Christmas-  let alone presents-  But there were quite a few more fun items in there also-  like a beautiful white nightie- and TONS of make up-    Does anyone else out there use MAX FACTOR panstick?   if so, were you aware they were taking it off the shelves here in the US?   I've been wearing this make up since high school-   I can't believe they are not going to sell it here anymore-  so, i've been all over town trying to find some- and managed to find 1-  and we hit about 10 stores- here's the funny thing-  deanna had no idea that was what kind of make up i wore- let alone the color-  and low and behold there in the make up bag was a tube of it-  LOL! Anyway-  i just needed to share these experiences with anyone who wants to read this-  and to tell people how many GOOD people there are out there-  the media would like you to believe everyone is bad on the net-  but the good ones just never make the news like the bad ones do-  Anyway- Merry CHRISTmas-  and Happy holidays!   And if you actually took the time to read this-  Thank you so much!  And if anyone even responds to it- I think I'll FAINT!   :)

                         LOVE-  Jen

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Anonymous said...

I am really touched to hear what wonderful people there are. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.